2022 Puppies and waiting list

If you are looking for a future puppy (puppies not yet born) you can join our waiting list to ensure a spot in a specific litter. If you are looking for a puppy who might already be born please check out our

How it works:

Serious and committed families can get on our waiting list with a $300 deposit.


  • Review this page and our website/Facebook page to get familiar with us!
  • Fill out our waitlist form and place deposit – located at the bottom of this page.
  • When a litter is born we will start at the top of our waitlist and contact families in order of deposit. We will inform you of the new litter and let you know what selection order is available to you. You can either accept a selection order or pass and wait to be contacted for a future litter. An example of how this sounds would be “Hello, Macy had her puppies, we have 3 girls and 4 boys. Pictures can be seen on our Facebook page. At this time you are next in line on our waitlist. I can offer you 3rd pick male or 2nd pick female, or would you like to wait for a different litter?” We do require that once we offer you a selection order that you get back with us on your decision within 24 hours, for the courtesy of the other families on our waitlist. If you do not respond within 24 hours we may offer the given selection order to next family on our waitlist. If you respond to us after the 24 hours, we can offer you our next available spot within the litter if any spots remain. If you respond after the 24 hours and you do not get a puppy from that litter, you will not loose your place on our collective wait list and we will contact you again when a future litter arrives.
  • We will update our fb page with new puppy pictures and get in touch with families who will be getting a puppy from the litter to set up a selection appointment. We let you come meet the puppies in person and pick out your exact puppy when they are 4-6 weeks old. We determine the age of selection based on the growth and progress of the litter. If you choose to not come pick your puppy out in person we will have you choose your puppy based off of pictures or video chat.
  • When your puppy is 8 weeks old you can take him/her home. The remaining balance of your puppy is due at this time in the form of cash payment.

Pet Pricing

All puppies go home vet checked (vet booklet included), 1st shots (given by vet), up to date on deworming, microchipped, 30 days of Trupanion pet insurance, a 2 year health warranty, small bag of food to get you started (we feed purina pro plan puppy- lamb and rice), and a toy. All pups are sold with a spay/neuter contract, unless breeding rights are requested (additional charge applies, and breeding rights are only to approved breeders/families)

Standard and Medium size Goldendoodles and Labradoodles

$2000 and up

Miniature Goldendoodles and Labradoodles

$2200 and up

Bernedoodles and Golden Mountain doodles (standard size)

$2000 and up

For each litter of puppies we have, once the litter is born families will be contacted in order of deposit on our waitlist and are given the option to commit to that specific litter and also assigned a picking order (example would be 1st pick female, 1st pick male.. ect). If you do not wish to select a puppy from that given litter you can pass and wait to be contacted when our next litter arrives. Once a family has committed to a specific litter the deposit can not be transferred to a different litter, with the exception of life changing circumstances. All deposits are nonrefundable. All puppies are sold with spay/neuter pet only contract unless otherwise discussed. Breeding rights are available to approved buyers for additional fee. Breeder has right to pick of the litter on any litter. Please visit our page Puppy information to see how are pups are cared for and what is included in the price of your puppy. With larger breeds especially Bernedoodles/Bernese mountain dogs umbilical hernias can be common. The majority of the times umbilical hernias will heal on their own however if at the time of spay/neuter your vet recommends an umbilical hernia repair we will cover the cost of the repair at the time of spay/neuter (repair only, must provide itemized vet statement with prices and submit within 30 days of procedure).

Future litters planned for 2022

***please note that the female and stud pairings mentioned are tentative, and will be based off of availability of the stud once the female goes into heat. Females are pregnant for approximately 64 days after being bred at the appropriate time. Puppies are usually able to go home 8 weeks from the day they are born. Not all breedings are successful, as the females do not always conceive***

Medium size/small standard goldendoodles born 11/13/21. Aspens was bred to Henry and this is her retirement litter. We have five males and four females. All are apricot/red parti except for one apricot abstract. Pups will be ready to go home 1/8/22. We have availability in this litter.

Sophie- Standard size multigenerational Labradoodles due 1/1/22. Sophie was bred to Levi for her first litter. Expecting to have black/chocolate/reds/creams and possibly parti colored pups. Pups will be standard in size around 50lbs. Pups will go home 2/26/22.

Sierra- has been bred with Henry for medium/small standard goldendoodles due 1/20/22. This will be Sierras retirement litter. Sierra had 10 pups (7 males and 3 females), 30-45lbs full grown and will be ready 3/15.

Junie- has been bred with Frank for standard size Tri colored F1 Bernedoodles. Pups should mature to be around 60-80lbs and pups will go home 3/17.

Calla has been bred to Zeus and delivered 2/28 with a litter of 7 GOLDEN MOUNTAIN DOODLES. 4 FEMALES AND 3 MALES. Pups in the litter are black/white and tricolored. Pups should mature to be around 60-65lbs. Ready to go 4/25.

Henrietta has been bred and is due to have mini goldendoodles 3/10/22! Expecting red/apricot/cream with minimal white markings.

Willow has been bred and is expecting mini Goldendoodles due 3/12/22. All pups in this litter will be red or apricot parti.

Ready to join our waitlist for future litters? Fill the form out below AND place your deposit below.

*** You must fill out and submit the form below and submit your deposit to be added to our waitlist***

Medium/Standard deposit

Non refundable deposit to be added to Dreaming Doodles waitlist for a medium/standard size doodle.


Mini doodle deposit

Non refundable deposit to be added to Dreaming Doodles waitlist for a mini doodle.


Bernedoodle deposit

Non refundable deposit to be added to our waiting list for standard size Bernedoodles