dreaming-doodles-logoWe are a breeder of doodles located in Mid Michigan. We take pride in raising these beautiful dogs and specialize in offering dogs with wonderful temperaments and excel to be great family dogs! We have been a well recognized and reputable dog breeder in Michigan for over 10 years! Starting out with one Labradoodle, we fell in love with the breed and have since then also branched off to breed Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles.

Doodles are smart and loyal, affectionate, very entertaining to watch, and not to mention beautiful! With time our love for doodles grew and so did our “pack”. Our dogs are members of our family and with the help of local families through our guardianship program we have been able to expand our breeding program further and share the doodle love with others! We make sure that every single one of our dogs is treated as a family member and not kept in a kennel, in our opinion that is no way a dog should live. Our dogs heath, happiness, and well being comes first, and breeding these wonderful animals come second to us. We make sure that all of our doodles complete and pass health testing before they are bred and receive high quality food along with lots of daily love and attention.

We now primary breed Goldendoodles  but occasionally do have a litter of Labradoodles or Bernedoodles. We also offer stud services to outside breeders. We currently breed, Standard, Medium,  Mini size doodles.

If you are interested in a puppy from us please visit our Available Puppies If you have any questions please visit our FAQ  or Contact Us!

Here at Dreaming Doodles we do our best to provide you with as much information as possible about your new puppy. Please keep in mind that predicted adult weights are just that, predictions. We estimate the adult weight based on size of the parents, and grandparents of the mother and sire as well as previous litters. Even with that information sometimes we have puppies that exceed or fall under our predictions. Most of our puppies have curly or wavy coats. Coats are usually able to be fully determined before the puppy goes home. If you have allergies we recommend that you do a t-shirt or blanket test before bringing your puppy home. If you suffer from allergies please also keep in mind that all puppies no matter what breed they are will shed their puppy coat out usually between 6 and 18 months of age.


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