Guardian Program

Welcome to our Dreaming Doodles Family!

What is a Guardian Dog Program you ask?

In order for Dreaming Doodles to offer our dogs the highest quality of life while in our breeding program we have set up a guardian partnership with local families. As a guardian home you will receive a puppy/dog free of charge that you will keep as part of your family for the life of the dog and will also be a part of Dreaming Doodles breeding program.  Each guardianship agreement is created case by case and typically includes 2-4 years for our female dogs, and 5 years for our male dogs, once they hit sexual maturity.

Guardian families are responsible for the well being and maintenance of the dog. This includes but is not limited to annual exams, vaccines, food, toys, training and socializing ect. Basically the essentials of owning any dog. Dreaming Doodles will pay for breeding related expenses as well as provide health testing, which we require before any of our dogs are bred. Once all testing is completed and passed we will add the dog to our program. If the dog does not pass our health testing requirements we will pay to have the dog spayed/neutered and he/she will be removed from our breeding program and go back home to continue living with their guardian family.

For our female guardians, it is the guardian family’s responsibility to notify us when the female dog goes into heat. Female dogs in our program are usually absent from the guardian family for 3-4 days for initial breeding however are sometimes returned the same day. Female will remain with you at your home until approximately one week before she is due to whelp (dogs are pregnant for around 2 months). She will then stay with Dreaming Doodles to whelp her puppies and raise them. During this time you are welcome to come visit your dog and once the puppies are weaned she will be returned to you.

For our male guardians, once we complete health testing and the male is ready to be used for breeding, we will inform the guardian families when we will need him for breeding giving as much notice as possible. Please know that sometimes this can be short notice (day of or day before). The male may be absent for a few days at a time and stay with us for breeding use, however with our male guardians we REQUIRE that they live close, preferably within 15 minutes of Davison, MI so we avoid that when possible. The guardian family does not own any type of breeding rights to male guardian dog and is not allowed to offer or allow the dog to breed to any other dogs. Our male guardian dogs could possibly be used 2-3 times a month in extreme cases, however there is likely to be many months where we will not require his use at all. The guardian family must have excellent communication and be willing to work with us.

Once your dog has completed the set amount of litters or years of use within the agreement, we then pay to have your dog spayed/neutered and he/she will go home with you to continue to enjoy his/her life.

 Key Requirements:

Absolutely must have a fenced in yard or underground fence. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Live within 90 mins of our address for females and 30 mins max distance away for males

No unaltered dogs other than the guardian dog

Agree for the guardian dog be an indoor only dog and not left unsupervised.

Must have the time/resources to provide, care, and train a puppy.

Have excellent communication skills and be willing to work with us on short notices

We understand that this program is not for everyone, however if this is something you may be interested in and meet our listed requirements please feel free to fill out a Guardianship Program Application and we will then get back with you.


We are currently seeking guardians for the following dogs/pups.

Penelope and Charlotte are two very special female F1 standard bernedoodle pups that we have chosen to continue on our very loved Bernese mountain dog line. They will be large as adults 60-80lbs and have wavy coats. They will be available to approved guardians 4/20/22.

Zion and Tinley are Akc mini poodles that will mature to around 15lbs and have curly coats. They are very well behaved pups and ready to go to an approved guardian home any time.