Visitor Policy

To ensure the health and safety of all of our dogs and puppies here at Dreaming Doodles please read over the following information.

We love to invite all of our future doodle owners out to our home to meet our dogs and puppies. To allow this to happen in a safe matter we ask that you please to do not bring any animals including dogs to our property. We ask this because puppies like babies have very weak immune systems and even if your dog is up to date on vaccines and shows no symptoms of illness, he/she could still be carrying a virus or bacteria on them that can sicken or even kill not just one but all of our puppies. For this reason we also ask that you arrive in clean clothing and shoes and avoid contact with other animals or pet stores before visiting. Please ensure everyone visiting with you is aware of these instructions.

Our puppy selection space is very limited so please limit your visit to 2-3 visitors if at all possible or immediate family only. If you are bringing children please instruct them to speak quietly in calm voices and supervise them while handing puppies.

Lastly and very importantly please arrive on time. Just like you and your family we have our own family to enjoy and daily obligations to meet. Additionally quite often we schedule puppy selections in 30-45 min time slots back to back and if you arrive late it will interfere with the rest of our scheduled families.

If you are picking up your puppy please remember that final payments are due in the form of cash only as stated on our deposit page.

All puppies are sold as PET only. Breeding rights are not included in sale unless prior agreed upon to approved breeders only as stated on our deposit page.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to Contact us.