Puppy information

Thinking about a puppy?

We take great pride in our Dogs and Puppies and like to ensure that they go to


wonderful homes. All of our puppies are raised in our living room inside of our home and then once they get a little older they graduate to a larger space to play in our Doodle Den. We spend many hours with these puppies and treat them as if they are a part of our family in preparation for them to become part of yours.

Puppies are closely monitored from the day they are born until the time they leave us. We inspect each puppy at the time of birth for any birth defects. We spend hours with them daily taking the time to get each puppy use to one on one time with people and interacting with the litter. We get to know all of our puppies and their personalimg_1906ities in order to assist in finding them perfect homes. Our puppies spend time with children as well as other house hold pets for a variety of socializing.

We also implement the Early Neurological Stimulation program, which is also referred to as the Super Dog Program. This program is used with the US Military canines and is shown to have life long lasting benefits including improved cardiovascular performance, more tolerant to stress and a greater resistance of disease.

As puppies grow and get older we introduce them to high quality dog food to ensure they are getting the best quality of nutrients for they growing bodies early in life. They are fed several times a day in multiple food dishes to avoid any food competition. Each puppies weight is closely monitored to assure they are getting enough to eat.

Once puppies have their eyes open and are moving around efficiently we introduce them to the outside world (weather and temperature permitting for their age). Puppies have an enclosed play area and are closely watched. As they get older we let them explore a little more, taking them on walks around the property and letting them play in a larger non enclosed area. Once the litter is accustomed to being out doors they are brought out several times a day to begin the potty training process in addition to the already started indoor litter box training. In addition we also take puppies on multiple car rides to eliminate the chance your puppy will develop motion sickness, and also work with puppies on getting familiar with grooming tools/ practices to lessen stress as an adult.dsc00916

At the age of  6-7 weeks puppies are vet checked, given first shots, and have been dewormed several times. They continue to be socialized and get one on one attention daily. Weather permitting puppies are taken out several times a day for potty training and have access to puppy litter box when inside. This makes a great transition to potty training once your puppy goes home. They have an enclosed play area and are also let to free range in our house/Doodle Den as potty training improves.

When puppies are 8 weeks old they are ready to go to their new homes. Puppies get sent home with all health and veterinary records, microchipped, registration papers (if applicable), a small bag of puppy food, a toy or blanket with scent of litter/mom, a welcome home letter that generalizes what your puppy has been doing his/her whole life thus far, 30 days of pet insurance and a 2 YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE. We recommend taking your puppy home at a time where you will be able to spend several hours with him/her. It is very important to make your puppy feel at home and not isolated to make this separation transition as smooth as possible.

After you take your puppy home we LOVE to get updates on how he/she is doing!