Doodle Essentials!

A few things to have on hand when your puppy goes home!

CRATE WITH DIVIDER. I recommend to get one that will be large enough for your puppy as an adult. If you have questions or would like a recommendation as to a size, just let me know.

PUPPY TRAINING TREATS. I recommend something that is a small kibble. This will come in handy to praise your puppy when he/she does good and especially helpful when housebreaking.

PUPPY SHAMPOO. Accidents happen and also the outside elements will sometimes leave your puppy a muddy mess. I recommend to have something gentle and tear free to keep your pup nice and clean!

GROOMING TOOLS. I recommend to have a slicker brush, scissors, and a rake brush to keep your pup looking his/her best in-between grooming appointments.

CHEWTOYS. To keep your pup occupied when he/she is not at play I recommend a kong toy that you can stuff with treat filling, nylabones, and maybe some squeak toys or balls to keep your little one active and occupied while you can not.

COLLAR/ID TAG/LEASH. A collar might be necessary if you plan to walk your pup on a leash or don’t have a fenced in yard. I recommend a small or extra small collar for when you bring your pup home. It might be a little big at first so if it is be sure to take it off when he/she is inside and doesn’t need to wear it. If you are using a collar a pet ID tag and a leash will also be essential.


PUPPY FOOD. All of our puppies go home with a bag of the food they are currently eating. If you choose to change their food see below for a list of brands that I would highly recommend.

It is also a great idea to have a vet picked out and first appointment made, pups are usually due for their 2nd set of puppy shots at around 11 weeks of age.

If you plan on using a groomer for your pup I recommend that you research the groomers in your area and look at pictures of other doodles they have groomed. A lot of groomers groom doodles differently so I recommend you bring a picture of the doodle haircut that you would like your doodle to have with you to your grooming appointments so you are not upset or disappointed with how your doodle looks.


If you choose a new dog food

My number one go to site when looking for a new dog or puppy food is This website has every type of dog food under the sun and rates it on a 1-5 star rating and explains how and why each food is scored the way it is. With that being said my personal general rule of thumb is anything 3.5 stars and over is a decent choice. If price is a determining factor for you, do some research because I have found many of the lower star foods cost nearly the name amount as some of the higher rated foods.

When you bring home your puppy we recommend a slow transition to switching foods. We will send each puppy home with a small bag of the puppy food they are currently eating to assist you with this. Gradually add the new food into the puppy’s current food over the course of several days. Each day adjust and increase the ratio of the new food to the current food. Dont be surprised if your puppy has loose stool during this transition.

Treats can be very useful when training dogs and puppies. I recommend soft treats such as blue buffalo “blue bites” or other similar treats from a well respected brand. To keep your puppy or dogs teeth in good health give him/her dental bones such as Greenies, several times a week. I NEVER recommend that you give your dog rawhide or pig ears, as these types of teats can be very dangerous to dogs and cause internal blockages which can sometimes require surgery or even be fatal! Instead, opt for Pork Chomps brand chews which are a safer alternative to rawhide or even a deer/ elk antler bone.


  • NULO


Some highly recommended doodle grooming products

cowboymagicIts no secret that doodles are high maintenance when it comes to grooming. Weather you take your doodle to the groomer or self groom at home, I recommend that every doodle owner have these essential items.

Slicker brush, Rake comb, ear cleaning wipes, nail clippers, quick stop, dog/puppy shampoo and conditioner, and a detangler such as Cowboy Magic.





madstamperidCollar and Leash tidbits to add 

Over the course of the next several months your puppy will grow very quickly and chances are he/she will outgrow a few different collars in the first year. Most of our puppies at 8 weeks old will need an Extra Small sized collar. Most leashes are pretty universal and should work out fine for your puppy.

Looking for an ID tag? I found a store on Etsy called The Mad Stamper and their stuff is Awesome!!! Very reasonably priced and they produce a well made quality product. I got Tucker the large dog tag and absolutely loved it…. except he lost the darn thing in less than a month =( But regardless, looking for an awesome ID tag with endless customizable options? Check them out!  The Mad Stamper on Etsy