Puppy season is almost among us! We have several litters planned for Spring! We currently have three Mommas who have already been bred and are expecting in March/April.

We have openings for deposits on our F1BB labradoodle litter expecting to arrive around 3/7. These pups are expected to have outstanding coats and be excellent for people who may have allergies. All pups from this litter are expected to be cream to red in color. We do plan to keep a female from this litter for future breeding to place into a Guardian home. If you are interested in this program please contact us!

Our F3 goldendoodle litter due 3/19, our wait list is pretty full, however if you might be interested in a pup from this litter contact us and I can add you to our list. Again we will be keeping a pup from this litter are are looking for a guardian home =)

Most recently expecting is our Multigenerational Goldendoodle litter due 4/8. We are very excited once again to see what colored pups Birdie and Tucker will produce! We have open spots for deposit.

Puppies due soon and new Spring litter!

Just an update! We have F2B Goldendoodles due any day now! We are very excited for this litter of pups! We have 4 people on our waiting list for this litter and are accepting a few more spots! If interested please send us a message!

Tonight we had our beautiful F1B Cream Labradoodle bred with a very handsome Apricot poodle, Bull. If breeding was successful (I should know in a couple weeks), these pups will be due 3/7/18 and ready to go home in May! These pups will be wonderful for people with allergies. They are expected to be cream, apricot, or red in color and mature to around 60lbs. A $25 deposit will reserve your spot on our waiting list for this litter! We do plan on keeping a  female puppy from this litter but other than that this list is OPEN!

Big News!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor day weekend! We are having beautiful weather here in Davison, and I hope you are too!

We will soon be welcoming our newest Dreaming Doodles addition to the family! With hopes to produce absolutely stunning colors, superior health, and nothing but wonderful temperaments we will expanding our Labradoodle line by welcoming in Lincoln, a beautiful F1B chocolate merle labradoodle. As long as all health testing goes as planed, he will be a proud sire here at Dreaming Doodles one day! IMG_4887

A couple weeks ago we had our brand new “doodle den” delivered to the house! This is a beautiful 12X20 cabin type building that I intend to use as our new puppy nursery area. Interior construction on the doodle den is still in the works, but I hope to have it completed within the week. Once its all said and done, it will have three puppy whelping areas, a containment area, observation lounge, and room for storage. I plan to have most if not all of this completed by the weekend of 9/10, which is when we will have families start coming to select their new puppy from our August litter.

October will be a busy month here for us. August puppies will be going home around 10/6 and then starting on 10/11 we have THREE litters due!  We are currently expecting a litter of doubledoodles; due 10/11, F3 golden doodles; due 10/15, and multigenerational golden doodles; due 10/24. All ready in time for Christmas. We are expecting to have black, chocolate, and blonde to red pups in our double doodle litter, cream to red pups from our F3s, and we are still waiting for color DNA results from the mama from our multigenerational litter but I know for a fact we will have some black. We will begin accepting deposits for these litters NEXT SUNDAY 9/10/17 at 9AM. Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

August puppies are all doing wonderful. I will be updating our Facebook page with new pictures either today or tomorrow. They are all getting a little more mobile, eyes are open, and a little more talkative. We still have puppies available from this litter! If you are interested please get in touch with me!


Puppies have arrived!

Dusty gave birth to 13 beautiful puppies on 8/12/17. She is a great first time mom and did everything perfect! She had 8 males and 5 females, and they range in color from cream to light red/apricot. Most of the litter does look to be on the lighter color side once they dried off completely. They are absolutely beautiful! Taking $200 deposits now to secure a pup from the litter. We will have puppy selection around 4 weeks of age.

New Pictures and New Page

Good Evening Everyone. Take a look at our Facebook page under Dreaming Doodles to see all of the new 2 week old pictures just posted tonight. They can be found in each puppy’s individual album. Feel free to share them =) Here is a link to our Facebook page. Dreaming Doodles Facebook

I have also added a link on our site where you are now able to make your final payment via PayPal or review your other payment options. Your payment is not needed until you pick your puppy up at 8 weeks old, however you are welcome to pay at anytime. Final Payment

Big News Coming Soon!

Just to update everyone, Molly’s puppies are doing well. We are quickly approaching their two week old mark and they are getting bigger by the day, and some are starting to open an eye or two. We have started all of the puppies on an early neurological stimulation program to ensure the best start to their life. They all get handled on a daily basis which improves their human social skills and lets face it, how can you not want to cuddle baby puppies! They are really starting to move around too! I have started to schedule puppy selection appointments starting the weekend of April 8th, 2017- ongoing. If you are still interested in a puppy from this litter we will have two spots available that are open to place a deposit.

Now back to the title of this post, I have some very exciting news coming soon involving a new litter or two of puppies =) Check back in a week or so for more details! Have a great night everyone!

Double Doodle Puppies!

Our Molly girl gave birth to 12 beautiful puppies on 3/9. She and all of her babies are doing great! Every single puppy is absolutely adorable. She had three females, which 2 are black and one is a nice shade of red, and 9 males, which 3 are black, 3 are red/apricot, 1 cream, and 2 (yes 2!) chocolates. I love litters like this where there is such a variety of colors, but Im sure when its time to pick out puppies it will make things hard! Many many pictures to come.

If you have not checked out our Facebook page, take a look at it!