Our first female has gone into heat for our end of summer/fall litters! Calla, our black/white parti F1B goldendoodle was bred to Teddy our F1 mini goldendoodle. These pups will be medium in size and be black, brown, or parti. There is a possibility there might be cream/red however I cannot confirm until we get her color results back which should be any day. Calla will be expected to whelp around 8/10/20 and pups would be ready to go home at 8 weeks old; around 10/5 if she whelped on her due date. This will be Callas first litter.

Roxie is also in heat right now, and will be bred this coming week. At this time we are unsure who she will be bred to. Our top contender at this time is Lincoln for brown and brown merle standard size F1BB labradoodles, which would be GREAT for anyone with allergies. We are also considering a couple of our other studs for medium goldendoodles.

Aspen and Sierra are also due to come into heat anytime. When those two are bred we will have our red apricot and cream babies!


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